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Insights For Each Day 2
September 6, 2011

There is no way that the church will not grow when the Word of the Lord spreads and grows. What has hindered us? What we are doing and allowing in our homes and lives that has stifled growth? It was not until these heathen heard the prevailing Word and "cleaned house" that they began to grow and spread powerfully. When they cleaned house, there was room to receive this new doctrine, which was evidently sovereign over that to which they had been exposed. 

Can you see this? The Word of God kept spreading and growing in a powerful way. Witches and warlocks opened themselves up to receive the new teaching. Think about how many movies, DVDs, videos, and so forth that we as Christians justify watching, because we are unwilling to discipline ourselves to rid our hearts and minds of this perverted so-called entertainment. You're not really being entertained, because your spirit is churning on the inside when it's forced to watch that which is unholy and not pleasing to the Lord. We must train ourselves to be inspired by that which would please God. 

There are choirs and so-called Christian entertainers who are clueless about the anointing of the Lord, so they yield themselves to what sells products, because the love of money is stronger in them than the love of ministering to mankind. Inspired music and messages last throughout the centuries. We quickly outgrow the entertainment stuff, because it can't grow with us. But anything that is inspired appeals to our spirits regardless of our age or status. 

I challenge you to sit quietly in the presence of the Lord and inquire about what He wants you to listen to and watch. Remember, it's about what pleases the Lord and not what our flesh enjoys. The Lord said to me one day, "I created everything, including you, for my pleasure; and I'll work it all together for our good." 

We may enjoy each other and find pleasure in one another, but everything was created for His pleasure, including our children. Our pleasure should be in pleasing Him.