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Sunday March 26, 2023: The Principal Meal
Monday March 27, 2023: Tools to Locate Favor
Tuesday March 28, 2023: What's It to You? You Follow Me
Wednesday March 29, 2023: Your Decision Determines Your Reward
Thursday March 30, 2023, 2019: Your Abundance Is for Good Works
Friday March 31, 2023: Put Out To Be Included In
Saturday April 01, 2023: I Find No Fault in Him
Sunday April 02, 2023: Until There Was No Remedy
Monday April 03, 2023: Foreign Lands Are the Place to Sing

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Sunday March 26, 2023
The Principal Meal

Revelation 3:20, KJV: Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

I believe the Lord is saying, "My desire is to sup with you--to provide you with nourishment to which no natural food can compare. You simply must invite Me in. While hurts, doubts, or fears may have you opposed to letting anyone else in, I can enter even through an opening as small as a needle's eye.

"I cannot speak to the world except through you. I only talk to My sheep.

What My sheep hear from Me must then be shared with the world. You see, the world cannot hear or understand Me, but you are able to receive from the supernatural and translate it to the natural.

"Think this not strange. Did not My Father send Me to the earth in the form of flesh so that those open to Him would hear about Him through Me? Though I have returned to be at the Father's side, I am still in the earth in the form of flesh in you, My body.

"Listen, My beloved. I am bringing to you fresh wisdom and understanding so that you can impart to those who are unable to hear My voice. But I must have a portal to enter; and when you allow Me in, your spirit will flourish and burst forth with insight that will alter circumstances and situations in your life and in the lives of those around you. I am waiting with the principal meal for the day when you will partake and share with others. Invite Me in.

"I will also hear what you have to say. Your praise is your supping with Me.

My wisdom is My supping with you. Understand, My child, that this is part of your laboring together with Me. I cannot reach the lost without you, and you must not go to them without first hearing from Me. So here I am rapping at the portal of your heart, waiting for your sensitivity to My voice and the invitation to enter with the meal and message for today.

Never serve anyone without first having dialogue with Me.

"Be still. Listen. Hear. Obey. For through you, My child, I have so very much to say."

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Monday March 27, 2023
Tools to Locate Favor

Proverbs 3:3,4, NKJV: Let not mercy and truth forsake you; Bind them around your neck, Write them on the tablet of your heart, And so find favor and high esteem In the sight of God and man.

All of us want and need the favor of God and, at times, man. But it can seem so elusive because the very tools we need to dig for His and human treasure are trying to evade us. We need both mercy and truth in our lives as we incur God's favor as well as that of others. Yet they both try to escape our grasp because the devil understands the power of mercy in the life of a believer.

Mercy is loving kindness or the same kindness God's love displayed towards us on Calvary. Truth is stability, certainty, and trustworthiness. Truth and mercy are measured by God as He observes us in our response to Him, others, and situations that try to catch us off balance.

It is another form of the seedtime and harvest principle. If we expect to have favor (kindness) from God and people, then it is strongly suggested that we show it to others. If we want a solid foundation that is stable to build trust, then we must refrain from lying to others. We will at some point reap what we sow.

Do you have a court case pending? Are you in need of a miracle in what appears to be a hopeless situation? What are your desires today of both God and people? If you have not given mercy when it was needed, if falsehood has been the foundation of your life, repent, ask God to forgive you, and straighten out some things with the humans you have wronged. Receive your forgiveness and go on in trust from there.

I don't know when and if you will pay, but I am very familiar with God's favor when I have come to Him with a sincere heart of genuine repentance. He is not a respecter of persons. He loves you and regardless of what is taking place around you, He is working all things together for your good. Believe that. It is the truth.

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Tuesday March 28, 2023
What's It to You? You Follow Me

John 21:22, NKJV: Jesus said to him, "If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me."

When the disciples were sitting together to eat their last supper with Jesus, Peter asked, "Lord, who is the one who betrays You...what about this man?" (verses 20-21). People's attitudes have not changed very much since this event thousands of years ago. Too often we, like Peter, concern ourselves with things that are unimportant distractions from God's purpose for our own lives.
For example, we get so concerned about what another person has done, is doing, or will do that we neglect to pursue our own mission from God. Jesus is telling us, "What's it to you? You follow Me." I have observed others failing to do what they were called to do because they were too focused on what someone else was or was not doing. Jesus is telling them, "What's it to you? You follow Me." I realized years ago that I was going to give an accounting of my deeds, and my deeds only, at the judgment seat of Christ. In fact, I was not even going to be allowed to mention other people's names, let alone their deeds or lack of them.

When I realized this, I decided to make my decisions and selections based on what I wanted Jesus to discuss with me at that time. Interestingly enough, this mindset eliminated most of my criticism and concern about others' deeds and actions.

Jesus was not interested in Peter's question about John; neither is He interested in my questions about you, or yours about me.

He simply asks, "What's it to you? You follow Me." Father God, in Jesus' name, I pray that by Your Holy Spirit You will continue to help me to mind my business, which is to follow You and to do those things that are pleasing in Your sight and beneficial to kingdom-building regardless of what others do or fail to do. I desire to hear Jesus say "well done" for what I have done, am doing, and will do in the future. You are never going to run out of love or rewards, so I needn't be concerned that You'll give someone else my share of Your love or reward another for my work. Thank You for reminding me of this truth.

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Wednesday March 29, 2023
Your Decision Determines Your Reward

Psalm 32:10, NKJV: Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; But he who trusts in the Lord, mercy shall surround him.

I gratefully accept the latter part of this verse as another promise from my Father as He expresses His love for me. But something is happening inside me that no longer allows me to revel in my benefit package while the wicked suffer. I am sensing a desire to present the wicked with the truth that has made me free to trust in God, so His mercy can surround them as well.

My heart no longer allows me to accept that the wicked are wicked by choice. I have found that many are wicked because of ignorance concerning the things of God. Whose fault is the ignorance? I don't always know. Sometimes it has to do with the lack of truth shared from pulpits. Sometimes it is the result of a person's decision to not follow what has been shared. Since I don't know where the fault lies, I look for every opportunity to lead people to accept Jesus as the One sent to redeem them and restore them to a relationship with their Maker.

That's why I find no joy in the wicked's suffering. I know that my Jesus also died for them and that it isn't God's desire that any should be lost. He wants all to come into the knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4). I have also learned that all wickedness carries with it the reward of sorrow, even when the wickedness is done by God's children.

But you don't ever have to receive that reward of sorrow. You can decide to trust God, knowing that the reward for trusting Him is to be surrounded by His mercy.

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Thursday March 30, 2023
Your Abundance Is for Good Works

2 Corinthians 9:8, NKJV: And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, have an abundance for every good work.

Though the saints in Greece had made a vow to send a gift to the saints at Macedonia and Paul had boasted of it, he did not want anyone to give who was unwilling or felt pressured. He wanted them to understand that their harvest would not be determined by God or anyone else.

Paul used the example of a farmer planting. A small crop results from a small seed sown; a bountiful crop indicates a generous seed sown. We know that the tithe belongs to God. Then 2 Corinthians 9:7 states, "...let each one give as he purposes in his heart...." When you sow accordingly, remember at harvest time, you alone are responsible for what you receive.

No one should ever give grudgingly or under pressure from others, because then neither faith nor love is mixed with the gift. Both are needed to produce a fruitful harvest. God loves a happy, willing-to-give person. That person attracts God's grace, which says, "God will provide all you need" (verse 8). Not only will generous, willing givers have their needs met, but they will attract so much of God's favor that they'll have plenty left over to share with others.

According to the Word, there is a purpose in this. "Godly people give generously to the poor. Their good deeds will never be forgotten" (2 Corinthians 9:9, NLT). A cycle is set in motion. God gives the farmer both the seed to plant and the bread to eat from the planted seed. Seed has no life to benefit anyone until it is sown. God's purpose is that you and I have more to sow. Then the ones who receive break out in thanksgiving to God for you. Thus, a two-fold reaction occurs: The needs of the poor are met, and they joyfully express to God how grateful they are.

Generous and willing givers glorify God by proving they believe and obey the words of Jesus Christ. When you give to the poor saints, God is not extracting from you. Rather, when you do this, it causes others to sow what they have: sincere, genuine prayers of gratitude for you and your generous spirit. What can you say? "Thank God for Jesus, His priceless gift."

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Friday March 31, 2023
Put Out To Be Included In

John 9:22, KJV: These words spake his parents, because they feared the Jews: for the Jews had agreed already, that if any man did confess that he was Christ, he should be put out of the synagogue.

Fear of man will cause you to make the wrong choices. Fear of being excluded will influence you to believe that you have taken a negative route, though you have done what you knew to be right. Fear of masses of people will cause you to abandon your offspring.

Fear is detrimental to your ability to make sound choices. Fear clouds your spiritual vision to the point that you miss the very thing you are aspiring to attain. Anything viewed through the eyes of fear will always be a distorted picture.

With God as your heavenly eternal Father, you need not fear. David said, "When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up" (Psalm 27:10). Even when we are destitute or loosed from the very ones whom God used to bring us into the world, God remains faithful. Therefore, remain faithful to Him.

A human being may be able to put you out of a facility, but no one can put you out of the kingdom when you choose to confess Jesus as the Christ. Never allow fear to cause you concern about belonging here in the earth when eternity awaits the words that will seal your destiny. What are those life-changing words? You can say them now: "Jesus, You are the Christ, the Son of God, and You are my Lord." Dear Father God, I thank You that You are my strength, my refuge, my buckler, my fortress, my deliverer, my rock, my shield, my stronghold, the horn of my salvation in whom I trust. Because of my faith in You and Your covenant concerning me, may I never be alarmed or exceedingly terrified or more in awe of people than I am of You. You are the one and only living God. I will call upon You, for You are worthy to be praised. So shall I be saved from my enemies (Psalm 22:4).

I thank You for it, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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Saturday April 01, 2023
I Find No Fault in Him

Luke 23:4, NLT: Pilate turned to the leading priests and to the crowd and said, 'I find nothing wrong with this man!'

"I find nothing wrong with this Man."

Each one of us can freely say that concerning our Savior! I was mediating on why it is so easy for me to serve the Lord. How can I love Someone so much, having never laid eyes on Him? Why do I trust Him so much that I not only revere Him, my desire is to obey whatever He tells me to do? When you can find no fault in a person, and everything he does is for your good, you want to draw closer and be nearer to that person because he obviously makes all the right choices with you in mind.

Jesus repeatedly demonstrates His love for us by providing for our protection, our health, our wealth, and peace that passes all understanding. He has restored us to a right relationship with God. The covenant we have with the Father is sealed in His blood. That kind of contract can never be erased.

Regardless of how much we love our parents, siblings, spouse, or offspring, sooner or later, we will begin to see their feet of clay. Jesus has no clay feet-just the ones that were nailed to Calvary's tree so that we could walk free of sin, sickness, poverty, and spiritual death. Sin is all around us. Sickness knocks regularly at our door. We will cease to exist here in the earth some day, but having accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord, we will never experience spiritual death. Nothing can separate us from Christ's perfection and His love. Truly, there is no fault in Him.

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Sunday April 02, 2023
Until There Was No Remedy

2 Chronicles 36:16, KJV: But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people, til there was no remedy.

Although this verse refers to the covenant people of God, a time came when no further remedy remained for them because of their faulty behavior, attitudes, and rebellion.

Thank God, we the church have a remedy, and His name is Jesus. Often we seem to be in no better shape than the Israelites, but because of Jesus' obedience to the Father, we-His body-will never experience the wrath of God. He will, however, allow us to do our own thing. He will repeatedly tell us of the consequences, and the way of escape, but He will never stop us. No, He will just stand by and watch until we come to ourselves and choose "the remedy."

As a parent, I grieve when my children continue to do things that are contrary to the Word of God, because I know that for them it is a no-win situation and I am unable to prevent them. The only thing I can and will do is pray for them as I continue with my life in the Lord.

You may want to quit your job because of the cursing and teasing you experience from the unsaved on your job. You are there to be a witness, a light. How would the heathen see Christ if you left your job since you may be the only one in that work-place to reflect Him? As a messenger of God, I expect to be mocked. I am no longer surprised that God's Word is despised by some, but I am meeting more and more who are hungry for the truth, which I will not be discouraged from sharing.

The calamity in 2 Chronicles 36:17 that occurred concerning the children of God was no accident or surprise to God. The verse said, "'He gave them all into his hand." Aren't you glad that the only One God is turning us over to is Jesus? We can turn one another over to satan for the destruction of our flesh, but our spirit belongs to Jesus and is untouchable.

Never misuse any child of God, because we have all been made priests unto God, and He, like you, is not pleased when anyone misuses what belongs to Him.

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Monday April 03, 2023
Foreign Lands Are the Place to Sing

Psalm 137:4, KJV: How shall we sing the LORD’S song in a strange land?

The writer of this psalm did not have what we have and who we have to stimulate us to sing while we find ourselves in a strange setting. However, rejoicing is not a feeling we have; it is an attitude we choose.

Do you want to be released, liberated, and made free? The more foreign the place, the louder your song should be.

Look at Paul and Silas: At midnight they prayed and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them (Acts 16:25).

I have learned this lesson. Flying from Toronto to New York with bolts of lightning and four tornado cones all about is a very foreign land. I began to sing loudly, “In the name of Jesus, I have the victory.” My late husband, a much better singer, joined me-so we had agreement. The devil didn’t notice the quality of our singing voices; all he heard was believers believing. We landed safely without incident or accident.

The world can and will sing when the winds of adversity aren’t blowing, when the rain has ceased to cause a flood, and the howls of the storm are no longer raging. But our glorious relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, our Helper, provides for us the ability to focus on what we see spiritually beyond what is physically visible.

What’s the point of having a treasure if we are going to live as paupers? The treasure of praise, prayer, and songs is given to us to comfort us in foreign lands. Foreign lands may not have been on our travel itineraries, but if we travel long enough and refuse to be limited, we most likely will find ourselves in some unfamiliar, unlikable places.

In foreign places where the devil is releasing his elite demons to destroy our morale and confidence in our Redeemer, we should make it our goal to absolutely confound him by singing our songs of Jesus and our heavenly homeland.

Today, choose to sing. While your location may not have changed, the Lord Jesus will give you the song to sing that will effect your sudden liberation. Stay steady with your song wherever you are. Help is on the way.

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