Horizons Unlimited May 28, 2023 through June 05, 2023

Sunday May 28, 2023: Seed Sown Is Not Always Fruitful
Monday May 29, 2023: Molded Mud
Tuesday May 30, 2023: Wisdom Is Born of Strange Things
Wednesday May 31, 2023: His Goodness and Wonderful Works Deserve Thanks
Thursday Jun 01, 2023: Accomplished, Advanced, and Appointed Desires
Friday Jun 02, 2023: Avoid Divisive Persons
Saturday Jun 03, 2023: Don't Insult God With Selfish Desires
Sunday Jun 04, 2023: Stay Alert-He Is So Close
Monday Jun 05, 2023: Seek

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Sunday May 28, 2023
Seed Sown Is Not Always Fruitful

Luke 8:5, NKJV: “A sower went out to sow his seed.”

The God-given purpose of all seed is to be fruitful. It is to reproduce but it has to be sown first. Seeds are not to be hoarded or sown where they are in danger of being trampled, devoured, withered, or choked. Seeds need good, rich, moist soil to be fruitful.

The sower has the responsibility of knowing something about the soil prior to sowing his seed. Failure to get proper information can result in wasted seed, and this includes ministries. Seed that falls on rocks produce for the moment but will not produce lasting fruit. Fruit that benefits others provide additional seed for future reproduction.

Seed will grow in the midst of thorns. However, the thorns will continue to grow and eventually strangle perfectly good seed meant to produce.

According to Jesus the seed is the Word of God and will produce when properly used. However, anyone who hears the teachings of God’s Word and does not seek for the understanding of what they heard is what we call “wayside” Christians. They hear it but do not know what it means.

The devil robs them quickly before they can believe it in their hearts and be positively affected by it. He knows that if you ever get an understanding of what God is saying to you in His Word, he, the devil, will have no further influence over you.

Spiritual immaturity is a sign of natural immaturity. Some Christians hear the Word of God, believe on it, and begin a fruitful life but they get waylaid along their journey because they become flesh-led instead of Spirit-led. Things happen in their lives that cause them to forget that Jesus is their burden bearer and they try to handle it themselves.

Testing helps to determine what you are all about and is not unique to a few Christians. God’s Word was never intended to prevent stuff from coming. It was given to prepare you to better deal with it when it does come.

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Monday May 29, 2023
Molded Mud

Psalm 103:14, KJV: For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.

Who we are and what we are is not a surprise to God. He observes and recognizes the mold by which we are made, or formed. He has marked us so as to recognize that we are dried mud (Psalm 103:14). This is why, "like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him" (Psalm 103:13). This verse does not imply that God feels sorry for us. Rather, the word "pitieth" means to love, to have compassion on, and to extend mercy to all who morally reverence Him.

God injects and inserts Himself in each of us who honor Him. He is expressed through us not only by our words but also by our witness of His goodness in our lives. He knows that the dried mud out of which we are made is hopeless and helpless without His love, His compassion, and His mercy in us. The reason He places Himself in us is, first, so that we experience victory for ourselves; and, second, so that we dispense what we have received from Him to others.

Since His love has taken us "mud molds" and made us capable of doing all things through Christ which strengthens us (Philippians 4:13), then the dispensing of that same love, compassion, and mercy will tear down strongholds, destroy yokes, and liberate those bound in any way.

Precious Father, again I have discovered You as You have revealed Yourself to me in Your Word. I am both humbled and inspired to know that as a mud mold with Your power in me I can expect to walk in victory in all areas of my life.

There is no one like You, and I refuse to settle for less in my life. Know that I love You and my affection is ever towards You. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

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Tuesday May 30, 2023
Wisdom Is Born of Strange Things

Proverbs 29:15, NKJV: The rod and rebuke give wisdom, But a child left to himself brings shame to his mother.

A rod can be used as a weapon or a tool. One punishes, the other corrects depending on whose hands it is in. Rebuke or reproof also can correct, but it also chastises.

From an early age, I knew that my mother thought her two children were special. She worked hard to have my brother and me behave and look as though we were special.

I am grateful. Most of my memories of my mother are fond. However, some of her painful choices contributed to the wisdom I enjoy today.

Mother at times inflicted pain in correction, but never abuse. With a child like me, she did not have a lot of choices. I thank God that I was not left to myself. We never brought Mother shame because she did not leave our training to ourselves or to each other.

We didn't get a lot of spankings. Spankings accumulated until they became whippings and she said, "This hurts me as much as it hurts you." I thought, "Then why do it?" One valuable lesson at age five was that you never hit "Mama." After spanking me with a cord, Mother threw the cord on the bed beside me and turned away. A voice inside me said, "Whack her across her backside." I did, and that was the only time I ever did that. Shortly after that incident, I began my quest to distinguish the voices speaking to me, because that one tried to get me killed! Years later, I paid attention when Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice and will not follow another" (John 10:4-5) and "I came to give you life abundantly and the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy" (John 10:10).

Parents, do not allow your offspring self-expression with you that will not be tolerated by others. Stop listening to society, heed Scripture concerning your child, and avoid shame.

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Wednesday May 31, 2023
His Goodness and Wonderful Works Deserve Thanks

Psalm 107:8,15,21,31, KJV: Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!

I recognized back in 1977 that if I would just think about Who God is, thoughts of what He had done for me would push to the forefront of my mind past any dark clouds of despair, doom, and doubt. Suddenly, in place of a "dry spot," a bubbling up of His Spirit within me would bring fresh revelation of His goodness and His wonderful works. I would begin to just say, "Thank You, Lord; thank You." This would be followed by a song--either one I already knew or a tune with lyrics never before heard.

I learned that my heart knew how to write songs that would pierce through any heaviness or dark clouds over me. Around the same time I began to practice saying thank you to other people.

I was overwhelmed by their response to a simple thank you.

God does not need your "thank you," but it certainly does get a rise out of Him. The more you say thank you to Him, the more He does for you to thank Him for. You'll soon recall things of the past that He delivered you from and brought you through. This song from my childhood would begin in my heart and proceed from my mouth: Lord, I thank You, thank You, thank You Lord, I thank You, thank You, thank You Lord, I thank You for all the days of my life.

Then we would enumerate what we were grateful for and say: When I was lost, Lord, You found me When I was lost, Lord, You found me When I was lost, Lord, You found me I just thank You for all the days of my life Then we would add on and on with whatever we thought to thank Him for. The next thing we knew, such a breakthrough erupted, it took effort not to run around the building. I challenge you to begin to hum this simple song and watch the devil flee as if in terror. If you can't sing it, say it and see what God will do.

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Thursday Jun 01, 2023
Accomplished, Advanced, and Appointed Desires

Psalm 145:19, KJV: He will fulfil the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them.

All of us have our affection on something. There are certain things that bring us pleasure and that we are more favorable towards. Too often we exhaust ourselves pursuing those things. Many times we walk away disappointed and disillusioned because they always appear to be just beyond our grasp.

Why does it seem that those things are out of our reach? God said He would fulfill the desires of those who fear Him. If we were allowed to reach out and possess what brings us pleasure, then God would get no credit for our having obtained them. God is looking for people to show Him the reverential respect that He so deserves because of who He is and what He has already done. He shows His graciousness toward humankind by not swatting us like bugs because of our rebellion and acts and deeds that are contrary to His plan for humankind.

God's way is love. His way is to accomplish, advance, and appoint our desire as we set our affection on Him and the things that are important to Him.

He also promised to hear our cry. Yes, He is aware of our weeping, but that does not move Him in the same way our cry moves Him. Our cry--our appeal, petition, and adoration--is what gets through to God. God does not have to be motivated on our behalf, but I sense that He is pleased when we call on Him, or cry out to Him.

When I lived in a house with my late husband, I once I observed a single deer in our driveway. I love to see their ears turn like antennae at the slightest sound, so I jiggled the blinds on my window, though it was closed. The deer immediately reacted and looked to see where that faint sound was coming from. Imagine how much more tuned in God is to you and me when we fear Him.

The icing on the cake is His promise to save us. This means that in addition to eternal life we receive His promise to defend, protect, deliver, avenge, preserve, rescue, and stay wide open to us as a part of His free package to us when we reverence Him.

The assurance of His accomplishing, advancing, and appointing my desire takes the stress from all my test, and all I have to do to is respect my Father God in words and deeds. I'll take the offer.

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Friday Jun 02, 2023
Avoid Divisive Persons

Romans 16:17, NKJV: Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them.

We need to stop making excuses for people who are divisive and go contrary to the truth we've been taught. The Scripture tells us that those who are such do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ but their own belly or desires, and by smooth words and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the simple. Love them but let them alone (v. 18).

God wants us to be wise concerning what is good, yet simple concerning evil (v. 19). God has not given us a ministry platform to preach on racism. He has called us to preach His love, His power, and His Son's name. Racism will never be eliminated until we, with the love of God and the Word of God, proclaim the truth that will transform people from the inside out.

If we are honest, most of us would have to admit that someone of another race has had a positive impact and influence in our lives which is why we are who we are and where we are today. Conversely, many of us can recall that some of the most difficult moments in our lives took place as a result of what someone of our own race did to us. Of course it takes an honest person to acknowledge that cruelty comes in all colors.

Calvary covered it all for us. Jesus did not die for us to create division. He died for us to be reconciled, restored, and renewed in our thinking. You and I may not be able to stop the messengers who have exchanged the Gospel of Jesus Christ for a gospel of race awareness. But we do not have to be so simple that we are unable to see that aside from increased division and separation, this strange gospel is also causing increase in the messengers' pockets and bank accounts.

I charge you today to avoid divisive persons. When you support them and what they preach, that is equivalent to throwing your money down a deep well, which may explain the lack of return on your investment.

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Saturday Jun 03, 2023
Don't Insult God With Selfish Desires

Psalm 78:18, NIV: They willfully put God to the test by demanding the food they craved.

We often confuse the desires of the heart with a spirit of lust. Receiving the desires of our hearts as a result of delighting ourselves in God is more than having a selfish request satisfied. Two words for "heart" in the Psalms are understanding and wisdom. When our delight is in the Lord and we are soft and pliable toward Him, He grants the request of our understanding and wise hearts.

With all that my Father has promised and provided for me, I insult Him when I selfishly petition Him for personal pleasure. When I truly delight in Him, in His desires and pleasures, then His understanding and wisdom are in me. And His desires are always directed toward benefiting others.

As Christians, many of us not only forget what God has done, and fail to see what He is doing, but also we give little thought to what He will do in the fullness of time. Instead, most of us are concerned with "Did He give me what I want right now?" We only think about what's happening at this moment and whether our most recent requests have been granted.

We need to stop and think about this selfish approach before it takes us far from our Father. According to the Bible, such selfish desires lead to rebellion, spiritual forgetfulness (Psalm 78:40- 42), and disobedience (verse 56).

Let's examine ourselves closely to see if we have God's understanding or wisdom on the matter. For example, let's seek Him regarding our relationships. Some people's friendship could prove to be disastrous to us and our purpose in the earth. Don't get me wrong: there may be nothing wrong with them. They just may be wrong for us.

Let's allow God to choose our friends and everything else we need. He will always give us His best for us.

Father, You are a loving, faithful, and caring Father. You know what we have need of in order to fulfill Your plan for our lives. Help us to stay focused so that we derive pleasure in pleasing You. Father, You are fun to play with, fun to work with, fun to fellowship with. You are my joy; therefore, I have no personal demands of You. I love You for all You are.

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Sunday Jun 04, 2023
Stay Alert-He Is So Close

Matthew 24:33, NLT: Just so, when you see the events I've described beginning to happen, you can know His return is very near, right at the door.

A glance at the news on any day, whether via television or newspaper, brings reports of war and rumors of war in diverse places. Jesus told us that the end of the age will be marked by wars close at hand and far away, but we are not to panic because, although these things must happen, the end is not immediate.

Knowing that persecution awaits those who pledge to be known as followers of Christ, what is your level of commitment? Will you be one of those who turn from Him and betray and hate other believers? We know that the world will do this, but Jesus said that so will Christians who fail to remain faithful to Him. In the end times, false prophets will lead astray as many as they can. Sin will be loosed in full force, and those who used to be warm and even on fire for the things of God will grow cold. However, the enduring ones will be saved and preach the Good News of the Kingdom everywhere there is a person to hear it. Then, finally, the end will come.

I have observed that for many, the more prosperity they enjoy, the less they seek the Lord. The people of this country, even believers, are in the most vulnerable position human beings have been in since the days of Noah. We are so busy enjoying our abundance that many of us are not even aware of how close we are to the end.

Don't allow yourself to become distracted, either by blessings or lack, by prosperity or persecution. Stay alert. Keep your attention and your affection focused on Jesus Christ because He is soon to return.

Father, I pray that You awaken Your people to recognize that the culmination of time is so close. Open our spiritual eyes to see the need to draw closer to You now more than ever before, in Jesus' name.

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Monday Jun 05, 2023

Amos 5:8, KJV: Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The Lord is his name.

Many things are automatic with the promise of salvation; other things must be sought. Israel, like the Church, was never in darkness as to what pleased God. Amos 5:14 reads, "Seek good, and not evil, that ye may live: and so the Lord, the God of hosts, shall be with you, as you have spoken."

Though that was written to the children of Israel, we the Church, can stand on it as though it was a personal letter to each of us. Do you want to live? Seek good and not evil. The heathen have always shown concern for their personal welfare. But Jesus said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things [that I know ye have need of] shall be added unto you" (Matthew 6:33, KJV).

When I lived in one of the most active areas of New York City, I observe not only the heathen but also the Christians in hot pursuit of the basic necessities of life. They seek after them to the point it appears that they worship the material things. But they do not worship the One who not only created life but also made all of the "stuff" we will ever need in this world and the world to come. What does it mean to seek? It means to request, ask, or diligently inquire after.

God is not looking for conversation with us only when our cupboard is bare and our wallet is low, heading toward empty. God told Israel that He would be with them as they have spoken (Amos 5:14). I do not believe that He would do less for us. In fact, Hebrews 13:5 tells us to be content with what we have, as our conversation and conduct are void of covetousness, because He will never leave us or forsake us. So that we can boldly say, "The Lord is my helper and I will not fear the actions of any human." I believe He, too, will be with us, as we boldly speak. I asked the Lord what did He mean by the word boldly? His response was "confidently compassionate."

Seek opportunities today to share His truth with confidence and with compassion.

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