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If you have selected “Give Now” for a one-time gift, on the “Where to Give” page, select the fund you want to support from the first pull down menu. Select the destination location ("Nanuet" or "Poconos") for the fund from the second pull down menu. Enter the the amount you want to give to that fund.

To give to multiple funds, select “Add another,” choose the next desired fund, its destination location, and enter the amount. Repeat for each additional fund.

Also on the "Where to Give" page, you can select your payment method, "Personal check" or "Credit Card.  Depending on your choice, fields will appear to allow you to enter your credit card number or checking account information.


Once you have entered your gift and payment information, select "Continue" to Confirm your choices on the "Review and Confirm" page. Click on "Process this payment" to complete the gift. A thank you receipt will be sent to your login email address.

Create Account / Login Now (Online Giving available April 6, 2014)

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