Create an online account | One-Time Gift | Recurring Gift

When all of the steps below are completed, you will be given a link to the initial login screen.

At the initial login screen choose “Don't have an account? Sign Up!”

Fill in all required fields and select "Create an Account". The email address you enter will become your account login.


An account activation letter will be sent to your email. Click the link in that letter to verify your account.

If you have given to RLCC in the past, we may already have your information in our records. If not, you will be presented with a screen requesting more information.

Select “Save and create account” to open the front page of your new account.

Select the link “Your Giving.” On the next screen, you may choose “Give Now” for a one-time gift or “Schedule Giving” to establish reoccurring gifts.

Create Account / Login Now (Online Giving available April 6, 2014)

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